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Are you an enthusiastic hobbyist and do you want to get more out of your own machine at home? Or are you just interested in coffee and want to learn more about it? Then this barista training is exactly what you need.

In this workshop we will take you on the coffee trip of crop to cup. These are a few parts from the workshop:

  • How coffee is grown
  • Brand profiles
  • Espresso machine
  • Taste coffee
  • Latte Art


In the workshop you will learn everything about the process of crop to cup, the espresso machine and milk on foaming. She will also learn more about the fire profiles and what comes with this. We teach you about the coffee tasting wheel and what good coffee is.

At the end of the course you can taste and name, you know how to make a kick-ass espresso and you make heart-shaped latte art.

Skill level: beginner to expert

People: 4 max.

Time: 3 hours

Price: €80,- pp


Mauro is the Head Barista at Moyee, he has been immersing himself in the art of coffee making for years. Over the years Mauro has won more than 80 prizes, all over the world. He really knows everything about coffee and would like to help you with more coffee knowledge and skills!

Note: Mauro speaks English so the workshop is given in English.


Austrian Cup Tasting
Championship Record Holder
Perfect score in 2:02 (Vienna Coffee Festival) Ottakringer Brauerei, Vienna

1st Place – The Red Light
District Latte Art Championship
(Naked Espresso Bar) Amsterdam

1st place – 2nd North
Holland Latte Art Championship
(Aloha Bar) Wijk aan Zee

3rd Place – Austrian
Latte Art Championship
(Vienna Coffee Festival) Ottakringer Brauerei, Vienna

3rd Place – Austrian
Cup Tasting Championship
(Vienna Coffee Festival) Ottakringer Brauerei, Vienna

4th Place – Austrian
Latte Art Championship
(Vienna Coffee Festival) Ottakringer Brauerei, Vienna

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