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‘Unfair’ Baby Names Like Moonbeam Are the Latest Target for Moyee Coffee

Campaign Continues ‘Life’s Not Fair, But Our Coffee Is’ Theme

By Alexandra Jardine.Published on

Ethiopian-Dutch coffee brand Moyee continues it’s “Life’s not fair”-themed campaign promoting its fairtrade credentials with another spot out of 180 Amsterdam, this time focusing on the “unfair” baby names that some parents bestow on their offspring.

An online campaign, directed by Camp David Films’ Robert Jitzmark, humorously examines the curse of being given the name Chardonnay, Cobra or Moonbeam at birth. It’s not a complicated idea, but the film is nicely made, making the most out of little scenarios such as “Moonbeam” being a private in the army, or “Junior…who will never be a fully developed male in society.”

The brand has also launched some print ads featuring cartoon-style illustrations visualising the unfairness of aging for men and women, from baldness to drooping boobs, as well as some fake coffee coupons that feature terms and conditions such as “Redeemers must wear white eco-leather biker jackets and must have both calves fully shaven at the time of redemption.”


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