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Dutch Ambassador Swings by Moyee’s Ethiopian Roaster for a better look at FairChain

Reporting from our roasting facility in Addis Ababa is Ephrem Tesfaye, Supply Chain Manager at Moyee.
“This week we had the privilege to receive the Dutch Ambassador B.C.J. (Bengt) van Loosdrecht, agriculture attaché Niek Bosmans and Economic Department intern Luuk Braam. We gave them a tour of our FairChain roasting facility and organised a cupping session for them. Naturally we also gave them the lowdown on Moyee’s business philosophy, history and growth plans.
In return, they told us a few stories of their own. After visiting Moyee they were planning to visit the new cargo route being built between Addis and Djibouti. When finished, this railway will boost trade between Ethiopia and the Netherlands. I think it’s safe to say that we here at Moyee are very excited about this innovation in logistics!
As it turns out, Ambassador Van Loosdrecht is a passionate coffee drinker and proved he has good taste buds — he perfectly ranked the quality of the four different cups of coffee he tasted. Even our Q-grader Ashenafi was impressed. So when it’s time for the Ambassador to leave his post, or even if he wants a radical career change, he is welcomed to join our team here at Moyee.”