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Moyee x Jimma University = progress

 As Mark travels to Moyee’s various Ethiopian smallholders, he continues to pick up a few friends along the way. On his most recent trip he brought four talented students from Jimma University’s agriculture department. Their names? Amanuel, Altaye, Abayneh and Abraham. Or, as Mark calls them, ‘Quadruple A Quality’.

“All the farmers are pointing out the same problem: disease,” says Abraham, a plant pathologist. “They spend a lot of time preventing coffee plant diseases like cholera, which severely damages the plant and a reduces the quality of the cherry.”

We teamed up Abraham with our soil expert Inka, and the two of them having been happily making the rounds together.

“I feel like I can make an immediate contribution to Moyee’s farmer program,” Abraham says. “But I’ll be honest, this is valuable practical experience far beyond the university walls. This is great.”