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Life is Unfair: Moyee Celebrates First-ever Impact Report by Throwing a Block Party

Three years after introducing FairChain coffee to the world, this week we published our first annual ‘impact’ report. Provocatively titled Life is Unfair, the report doesn’t just recount our victories, but relishes our failures, too!  “Had we been a little bit less idealistic and naïve about challenging the coffee industry’s unfair ways, there would be no FairChain coffee today,” founder Guido van Staveren candidly reports. To celebrate the report, we threw a block party. 

Unlike most annual reports, Moyee’s Life is Unfair combines financial facts and future roadmaps with very short stories, playful imagery and uncompromised self-reflection.

“We have achieved a lot in a short amount of time, so much so that investors are lining up to help take FairChain global,” adds Van Staveren. “But quite honestly, we truly hoped FairChain would be more of a household word – and in more Dutch households – than we are today.”

While the report is full of battles with Ethiopian coffee policy, European trade blocks and local transparency, Life is Unfair is also a celebration of our major victories in 2015. Last year we officially opened what is arguably the highest tech roaster in Africa and became the first coffee company in Ethiopia to earn its ISO certification. In Amsterdam, we continue to make inroads in cafes and supermarkets. We even joined forces with e-transport company BubblePost for green urban coffee delivery.

We’ll talk more about our report in the coming weeks and months, because there is a lot to talk about. But if you have any questions or want to get your hands on one, contact