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Meet Farmer Bogale

Meet Mr. Bogale Gebre-Yesus. Not only is he the owner a very awesome name, but Bogale is also a very devoted coffee farmer.

Name: Bogale Gebre-Yesus
Location: Tega
Size of property: 2 hectares
Community role: Head Administrator Tega

Like Zwedie, another partner smallholder recently profiled here, Bogale has a wife and seven children in the small highland village of Tega situated in the heart of Kaffa, the birthplace of Arabica.

Alongside coffee, Bogale also grows corn and teff.  In his free time he is also the village administrator and oversees a community of no less than 250 smallholding coffee farmers. These farmers often come together to share a glass of  Tej, a local honey wine, and discuss the possibility of a better life for themselves and their families. By offering Bogale access to better harvesting techniques and, of course, fairer prices, we are helping his entire community achieve more financial freedom. After all, that’s the least we can offer these world-class farmers.