N*spresso Capsules


These capsules fit perfectly in your N*spresso machine. A small box of 15 pieces that fits through the letterbox or a large box with 130 that you can go through for a while. Order what suits you best and we’ll like to hear if it tastes good.


The region

The roasting and packaging of the Moyee Coffee Capsules takes place in Kenya, we sell the coffee and the value is neatly shared. A sustainable and fair collaboration between producers and consumers. By moving these value-adding activities in the coffee chain we have a positive and radical impact on millions of people. Through intensive cooperation with our farmers and roasting in the country of origin, we can leave much more knowledge and value than other coffee brands do. This allows us to learn a lot about the countries where our Moyee Coffee Capsules come from and we can transfer our knowledge about “Western coffee wishes” there.


Momentarily 90% of the total coffee value disappears into the pockets of a handful of large multinationals, which we call Big Coffee. This means the farmers are left with only 10% of the value. Value, to which nothing has been ‘added’ – only 2% is added value! We may be entrepreneurs, but there’s no way to justify this imbalance. That’s why we started Moyee! Our African Dark Roast coffee is our first expression of this.

And to be clear… we are not opposed to other initiatives such as Fairtrade, but we do go a big step further than they do. With FairChain we reimagine and rebalance the coffee chain. Our goal is to reach a 50-50 balance between coffee producing and coffee consuming countries. Sort of a hardcore ambition you could say, but we are already well underway. By applying FairChain principles we leave behind 300% more money in the coffee producing countries! In addition, we also pay our farmers a 20% FairChain premium with the aim of growing a living income. And all while you don’t pay for the coffee anymore, win-win.