Aeropress Brew Guide


When it came, it was immediately popular. Aero Press championships, homemade videos and every coffee bar participated! Among the coffee lovers it is quite popular.

Aero Press


Brew Guide


– Moyee coffee beans
– AeroPress
– AeroPress Filters
– Grinder
– Water
– Kettle
– Timer
– Scale
– Something to stir
– Coffee cup with more than 200ml capacity


TIME: 1.30 min
DRY: 18 grams of coffee
WET: 200ml water
RATIO: 1:11
Grind: finer than salt grains

Cheat sheet

1. Grind 18 grams of coffee and bring 200 ml of water to the boil! Grind it slightly finer than sea salt.

2. Moisten your filter for brewing and compe run your AeroPress together so you’re ready to brew! By wetting the filter first, the filter sticks and the AeroPress is heated.

3. Throw your coffee into the filter and pour a tiny bit of the hot water (about 30 ml) on your ground coffee. Stir a little and let the coffee bloom for 30 seconds.

4. Pour the remaining water on your flowered coffee until the Aero Press is filled. Set a timer at 1 minute. This gives you some time to think about life.

5. Stir again after 1 minute. Then press the Aeropress at about 15 kilos to push the coffee through the filter.

If this is too easy or is it too difficult, check the recipe properly. Your coffee is probably too fine or too coarse!

6. Make sure you use a cup big enough for this 200 ml coffee!

Drink and finish your day!