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Very easy: Go to bestelpagina and follow just 4 simpel steps. Click and scoll In ‘My Account’ is an overview of your orders and/or subscription(s). This also where you can -pause- your subscription.


You can pay via iDEAL! If the payment has been successful, the order will immediately go to our fulfillment partner and your order will be ON ITS WAY. If your payment won’t go through, don’t panic. Drop us a line at or wait approx. 24 hours and you’ll be send a payment link.

In case of a subscription you will pay first via iDEAL, and the rest of the payments will run via automatic payment collection. We work with a reliable payment provider for this and if necessary, money can be recoverd easily.

Yes, to maintain a fair price for our farmers we charge delivery costs. The costs will be determined on weight and will be shown right before you pay for your FairChain coffee! But if you order more than 4 kilos? Delivery costs are on us.


Place your order before 16:00 (on business days), we send it to you the next day! (unless it’s a holiday) On Sunday and Monday there is no delivery. If you choose for a subsciption, we will set 2 delivery moments every month.

Hell yes! But, keep in mind, delivery costs will be higher.. Check your delivery agent for these prices.

On holidays and mostly the day after there will be no deliveries. NOTE TO SELF! Order on time during holidays!

Well, we can seperate the delivery adress from the invoice adress. If you choose to order more, different product, you have to order them seperately.

You can swap your coffee if the packaging is still unaffected or damaged. You can even get a refund, but delivery costs are on you. If there is something wrong with the coffee itself, please get in touch with us via phone or e-mail. We will figure something out together.


We have a very flexible subscription form, but if you want to get used to it, then we also have a trail subscription. A trail subscription just ceases to exist after 3 months. Every month your coffee is delivered and the payment goes automatically. First time you pay with iDEAL, after choosing your grinding, flavor and quantity.

This is the same with a subscription. With our subscription it is possible to pause or shut it down with just one click.

Want us to delete your subscription entirely? Cal us a call or drop us a line via e-mail. It will be a emotional rollercoaster, so to give us this personally is a huge help! Email: wakeup@moyeecoffee.comor call: 020 737 22 95

First payment is always via iDEAL. From the one forward you pay via automatic collection.

Product info

Moyee stands for quality! You pay for quality and not for the impact! That one is free. Our current coffee are campagnes. Like you see here, you pay a little more than your average cup of joe, but in our specialty coffee category we are cheaper than others. Next to this, we pay our farmers a living income (between 20% and 200% more) Which is around €6,00 a kilo! But even more important, is that we leave more than 300% more money in the country of origin. We do this by roasting and packing in Ethiopia; FAIRCHAIN!

In comparison to others, our coffee stands our. We only use specialty coffee to fuel our revolution. Our Limu is one of the most flavorable beans of Africa. Moyee is 100% FairChain, 100% specialty, 100% organic en 100% Arabica!

To keep your coffee as fresh as possible, keep it in a cool, dry place. Don’t let other aroma’s infiltrate the coffee. Keep it in a closed bag/drum. There is a one-way valve in our bags. So the beans can degas, but there is no new air entering the bag.

Roasted coffee tastes best after 2 to 8 weeks after roasting. So it doesn’t really matter where the coffee is roasted.

We use Limu and Jimma beans from Ethiopia, and the best beans from Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda. They all have a cupping score of 80 and higher, which tells us they are specialty coffee! So we call this Radically Good Coffee! That’s what we think! So.

About Moyee

Moyee is the Amharic word for mortar, which Ethiopians use to grind their coffee with. Where does your coffee come from? Yup, Ethiopië and Kenya! So therefor; Moyee!

FairChain is all about a producer/consumer relation between local entrepreneurs and the consumer! Around 98% of the added value dissapears in the pockets of multinationals. Instead of exporting green beans, we roast and pack in the country of origin and afterwards export it to the West. By doing this we leave more added value in the producing countries. By moving these value adding activities in the coffee chain we make sure we can have a positive and radical impact on millions of people. You win with your amazing FairChain coffee for normal prices and the African entrepreneurs win in getting a bigger cut of the chain. Coffee wins, worldwide! More info about FairChain? Visit for more information.

Fairtrade offers farmers a minimum price for growing and exporting green coffee to consuming countries. It’s a step forward, but unfortunalely we are not seeing the impact they make. It doesn’t beat poverty and it had near to zero imporvement on farmer income. So it’s time the think bigger, to change for the better! This way of radical think is what we call FairChain! We are a 50/50 company, which means that we and Ethiopian entrepreneurs hold 50% of the company. They roast and pack, we sell it. Producer/consumer relationship at its best!