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Equality in Coffee

Moyee has been reimagining the coffee industry by roasting and packaging in country of origin. Farmers and roasters now reclaim their rightful position as equal partners in the global coffee chain.


Think of Fairtrade 2.0. Farmers not only get a better price for their beans, but we also roast and pack these beans in the country of origin. This leaves 50% value behind, instead of the current 10% (of which is only 2% added value). We call this a Radical change!


FairChain is also about quality. We want to offer the best beans for daily use. That’s why we work with the best ones from Ethiopia, Kenya and soon Colombia too! Because of cupping scores of 80 and above we can call these princesses 100% specialty coffee. Moyee Coffee is Forest Shielded, Hand Picked, Slow Dried and Slow Roasted to perfection.


What's the problem?

Momentarily 90% of the total coffee value disappears into the pockets of a handful of large multinationals, which we call Big Coffee. This means that the coffee farmers are left with only 10% of the value. It’s even worse because there’s nothing “added” about this value, only 2% of that amount is actual profit. We may be entrepreneurs, but there’s no way to justify this imbalance. That’s why we started Moyee!



We get that everyone has his own taste and preferences. That’s why we got 5 different FairChain flavors. Do you like fruity coffee? Or are you more of a power house, dark espresso, jumping jack? Or maybe just a nice balanced coffee is more your thing. We got it all! it’s all Radically Good Coffee: premium quality with Radical Impact!

Do you need a coffee subscription? Always Radically Good Coffee at home? YES WE CAN! We will deliver it right to your doorstep (even through your mailbox) and we will surprise you with nice add-ons and promotions. And of course, there is no notice period.

Just Special

Fresh & Fruity

Fruity & Sweet

Fruity & Sweet

Dark & Strong

Proefpakket 4 zakken Moyee FairChain Koffie uit Ethiopië en Kenia.

Grand Cru coffee​

The best coffees from Ethiopia, Kenya and soon from Colombia too.

We pay for delivery.

We pay delivery from 1 kilo and more. It might be different with special promotions.

Next-day delivery

Ordered today before 15:00?
You’ll drink it tomorrow!
Special promotions can have deviating delivery times.

More for the farmer

Moyee provides a living income for our farmers That’s FairChain!

Cool team

Which are ready for your impact 24-hours a day.


Team moyee, ready to serve!