Coffee Drip Brew Guide


Grandma: “Something to drink? Coffee maybe?”
You’re thinking now; This coffee is at least 6 hours old, and your grandma made the coffee a while ago when she was waiting for you… Now you say, “YES, please!”
But this time grandma read our Brew Guide, so ready to be surprised? Filter coffee is never going to be the same again!

NOTE: The filter machines only maintain one temperature. And usually it is too high to use for quality coffee. Therefore; Beware of mega fruity or strong sour coffee, as these are very difficult to put well with these types of machines.





– Moyee coffee beans
– Filter coffee machine
– Coffee filters
– Grinder
– Water
– Kettle
– Timer
– Scale


TIME: 3 min
DRY: 7.5 grams of coffee per cup
WET: 250ml water per cup
RATIO: 1:17
Grind: like sea salt

Cheat sheet

1. Moisten the coffee filter and place it in the coffee maker. Grind your coffee just before you pull. This ensures that your coffee is fresh and gives off more aromas and oils.

2. Use 7.5 grams per coffee, but do not make coffee for only two. The minimum number of cups is four. Therefore;

4 cups: 30g
6 cups: 45g
8 cups: 60g
10 cups: 75g

The coffee should be as coarse as sea salt.

3. Use 1 litre of water to put 8 cups. Pour this into the water tank. (150 ml per cup)

4 cups: 500 ml
6 cups: 750 ml
8 cups: 1000 ml
10 cups: 1250 ml

4. Preheat your coffee pot with hot water and place it in the machine.

5. PRESS START, or ON, or tell SIRI to start making coffee (depending on your machine).

6. Wait until your coffee is fully set and no longer drips.

Drink and remember; #everysipcounts