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FairChain Moonshot Expedition

Moyee Coffee is a radically innovative company that is 50% experiment, 50% great coffee and 100% the future of business. Our goal is to tackle the great inequality between coffee producing and coffee consuming countries. We do this by equally sharing the value of every bag of coffee: 50% for local coffee producers, 50% for us the brand. By moving value-adding activities in the coffee chain back to country of origin, we are able to leave behind 300% more value than the Big Coffee companies! 

This is why we call our coffee FairChain. FairChain is a set of principles that aim to tackles three key impact objectives. The first: we strive to create shared value. We whole-heartedly believe that tomorrow’s economy will be driven by inclusive, regenerative businesses that combine entrepreneurial competitiveness and look beyond just shareholder value. The second: we aim to deliver quality, not provide charity. We are not a charity, we are serious coffee geeks. Since 2012 we have been working hard to turn the entire coffee system on its head by redesigning our coffee chain to compete on quality, not poverty. The third: we believe in trade over aid, by which we mean social entrepreneurship over development aid. All three principles have to do with the overall main goal of establishing a coffee industry where all stakeholders are treated equally and rewarded equally.  

To make our goals more concrete and tangible, we focus on three impact moonshots: economic, social and environmental. Or, to use farming terminology, factories, farmers and forest.



When we say factories, we mean economic impact. Economic impact is the first step towards radical equality. To foster economic value, we set up Western standard roasting facilities in countries of origin to stimulate employment and create jobs for locals. Our goal is to sell coffee that is 100% grown, roasted and packaged in countries of origin. 


When we say farmers, we mean social impact. Our goal is to support smallholder farmers on their road to a living income. We do this not only by paying 20% premium above the coffee market price, but also by investing €1,50 in a Living Income Differential. This value is invested in materials, financial training and more. We believe coffee-growing countries should claim their invaluable position in the coffee supply chain. They have every right to demand to be equal partners. It’s their coffee, after all.


When we say forest, we mean ecological impact. We are passionately focused on increasing and maintaining the biodiversity of our forests. This requires constantly assessing how to minimize our CO2 emissions. To this end, we unveiled an ambitious tree-planting program in 2019 to boost farmer income, protect local forests, and kickstart a zero-emission moonshot. 

As we catapult forward to make our dream a reality, we continue to find ways to put theory into practice. One such example is our True Cost Methodology. This tool will be used to monetize and summarize all the positive and negative effects (externalities) of our production process. Put simply, it will allow us to monitor, evaluate, and continuously improve our practices in virtually real-time. All so that we can positively impact the livelihoods of all those in our coffee supply chain. To be sure, none of this is going to be easy, but we’re well on our way to radically changing how the world grows, roasts and packages its coffee. At the very least, we’re proving it can be done.