Vol Automaat Brew Guide

Full-Automatic Machine

Pretty lazy though 🙂 But it’s good. One push-on button and boom!; your cup of FairChain coffee. To set these correct settings of this machine we have a few tips.


Brew Guide


– Moyee coffee beans
– Full-Automatic machine
– Water
– Finger to press button


TIME: 20 sec

Cheat sheet

1. For the espresso drinker; set the grinding rate at the finest setting and the strength of the coffee at about 75% (This also applies to cappuccinos and latte’s). For the coffee-drinker, put the grinding rate on “medium” and the strength of the coffee at 100%. To set the strength as high as possible you have the most tasteful lungo. There’s more water going in, hence the 100% strength.

2. Maintain the machine properly and follow the cleaning instructions. This really ensures that your coffee is and stays better and the machine lasts a while longer!

3. Do not use TOO oily, pitch-black dark roasted coffee beans, this is not good for the machine; Fortunately, you won’t find these on our FairChain mission.

Don’t you come out and the coffee stays limp or boring? Get in touch!