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This is Altaye: Plant Doctor Extraordinaire!

Altaye is another one of our promising young collaborators from Jimma University. Because all four students travelling with us through Kaffa have names that begin with the letter ‘A’, we simply referred to them as our  ‘4 A’s’.

Back to Altaye. As a plant pathologic, he was the only real doctor on our recent field trip through Kaffa. He knows literarily everything about coffee berry disease (cbd, yes it’s a real disease) and other biological diseases that effect coffee harvests.

During our visit the farmers readily approached Altaye to discuss both cholera and cbd, both by far the most serious issues facing Ethiopian farmers. Because Altaye knows the steps the farmers need to take to prevent these diseases, he was a very popular fellow on our trip. Preventing these diseases increases farmer’s yield and thus their income.

Altaye eagerly wants to be part of our FairChain revolution. And quite honestly, we are happy to have him there. His contribution to farmers is invaluable in helping them get rid of their biggest headache: cbd.