Taster pack 3 flavours


Welcome to the dress rehearsal of our FairChain revolution. You’re almost there: We just need to find out which coffee suits you best and then we’re going to change that coffee chain!

In the taster pack there are three accessible coffees, all full of impact. Our fruity Double, Round Triple and Jedi-powerful Dark Side Roast.

Choose for filter grinding, espresso grinding or whole beans and try Moyee FairChain Specialty Coffee for a radical introductory price.

This package consists of 3 packs of coffee of 250 grams, so a total of 750 grams.


Sample pack

So you’re not sure yet with which flavour YOU are going to contribute to a better coffee industry. What we do know is that with every sip you leave 300% more money in the coffee-producing country. Woohoo!

Good luck with your choice and welcome to the revolution!


Do you like the way the Italians roast their coffee? Then this is your coffee! Full, dark and roasted flavours with a beautiful strong, elegant bitter aftertaste. Roasted in Kenya.

Ethiopische Double Blend Koffie


Do you like a complex coffee with fruity aromas and a slight acidity, with a caramel aftertaste? Then you’ll drink this coffee like it’s water. Hooray for the farmers!

Also great for an interesting, delicate, filter coffee. Roasted in Ethiopia.


This coffee is full of chocolatey, warm flavours without the bitterness. A real crowd-pleaser! Roasted in Kenya.