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Meet our smallholder: Terefe

The very short stories of the smallholder farmers growing your premium FairChain beans. Meet Terefe.

Name: Terefe Adego
Location:  Tega
Size of property: 0,75 hectares
Community role:  head of the Gabriel church

Terefe is a central figure in the Tega community. Not only does he head up the town church, but he also teaches the local youth. For a man with some authority, he lives in an extremely modest house with mud walls and corrugated iron roof. Terefe himself is modest as well. Ask him how the farming of his modest 0,75 hectares is going, and he’ll pass on all the credit for his successful harvest to his wife. “She is very strong,” he tells Mark when they meet in his small living room.

While most farmers name ‘weeds’ as their biggest problem, Terefe has bigger issues with wild animals, namely boars and monkeys. These animals roam freely in the Ethiopia highlands and steal the ripe red cherries straight off the plants before Terefe and his wife can pick them.