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Meet our smallholder: Zerihun

The very short stories of the smallholder farmers growing your premium FairChain beans. Meet Zerihun.

Name: Zerihun Zewdie
Location:  Tega
Size of property: 1,5 hectares
Remarks: son of Mr. Zewde Shimbi

Zerihun is one of our smallholders in Tega, Ethiopia. He is 33 years old, married with one 1 small child. He owns 1,5 hectares of land. He grows forest-shaded coffee on 1 hectare and ‘garden’ coffee on the remaining half hectare. His small piece of land was a gift from his father, also a coffee grower, so he could kickstart his own coffee farm. We followed Zerihun around during the harvest period and watched him spend much of his time weeding and removing parasite vegetation from his coffee plants.

Moyee purchased 87 kilograms of Zerihun’s 2016 harvest. Next year we expect to buy more.