Espresso Brew Guide


The coffee grinder is the most critical part of making coffee. To consistently produce a great taste, it is important to check the grinder regularly and adjust it if necessary. The mill has two variables: grind size and dosage.

Both need to be fine-tuned to get an extraction time between 25 and 30 seconds, the clock starts the moment you press the button of your machine. This is the best way to check that your grinder is properly adjusted.

Grind Size

If your extraction time is shorter than 25 seconds, it means that the grinding size is too coarse. If the extraction time is too long (more than 30 seconds), the grinding rate is too fine. Compare this with water flowing through stones and sand; the water will flow through the sand much more slowly than through the stones.


The dosage is the amount of coffee in the filter tray of your filterbasket. For a single shot of espresso/coffee, the average is around 8 to 10 grams. A double shot has about 18 to 20 grams, depending on the depth of your filter basket. There must be some space left in the filter basket. This page explains the perfect espresso recipe, including the steps you need to take to get the desired result.

Espresso machine


Brew Guide


– Moyee coffee beans
– Espresso machine
– Grinder
– Water



TIME: 28 sec
DRY: 8-10 grams
MALING: Espresso grind


TIME: 28 sec
DRY: 18-20 grams
MALING: Espresso grind

Cheat sheet


1. Clean the filter basket with a cloth, there should be no more coffee in the basket.

2. Fill the filter basket with espresso grind with the amount you want (single or double)

3. Wipe away the coffee that sits in the edge of the filter basket.

4. Hold the filter basket with the tip on the table. With a tamper, press the coffee at a 90-degree angle of the filter basket and press with about 13 kilos pressure downwards.

5. Clean your espresso machine by rinsing 2 sec of water through the grouphead.

6. Now put the group in the coffee machine and press the button.