French press Brew Guide


French Press


Brew Guide


– Moyee coffee
– French Press
– Grinder
– Water
– Kettle
– Timer
– Scale
– Something to stir


TIME: 4 min
DRY: 15 grams of coffee
WET: 200ml water
RATIO: 1:13
MALING: Coarse

Cheat sheet

1. Grind your beans coarsely (this can even be done with a mortar)

2. Measure your water to the capacity of the French Press and bring it to the boil, then let it cool for about thirty seconds. The temperature of the water should be 90-96 degrees C.

3. Pour just enough water into the French Press so that the coffee is flooded. Leave this for 30 sec so that the coffee can bloom (the coffee blooms especially well when the coffee has just ground). Then pour in the rest of the water.

4. Stir with a plastic or wooden spoon to prevent damage to the glass of your French Press.

5. Place the top back on the Press, with the filter all the way up. Allow the coffee to move for up to four minutes.

6. Gently press the filter down. If it is difficult to press, the grind is too fine; with little resistance, the grind is too coarse. With a good Perss you don’t have to wait for the sediment to sink to the bottom of the French press. (make sure the “sprout” points forward).

7. To be safe, pour the coffee slowly into a cup to minimize the absorption of fine sediment.

8. Don’t leave the coffee in the French Press, because then the coffee will continue to brew and become bitter.

Drink it. Quickly!