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Looking for quick wins on Bogale's farm

A few weeks back we visited Bogale, one of our smallholders and a prominent figure in his local community. This week we paid him another visit. The purpose of our trip was to sit down with him and find out more about what he and his community of smallholders desire and need most.
We equals me (Mark), Ephrem (Moyee’s Supply Chain Manager) and Inka, our agrarian specialist. Inka was particularly interested in meeting Bogale. This is because Inka is a soil expert and she is here to assess the quality of the soil on Bogale’s farm. She’s pretty certain we can up the long-term productivity of Bogale’s farm, but she’s also curious if there are some quick wins for now. Like most Ethiopian smallholders, every little extra is a bonus.
Next week Inka will reveal to us — and we to you — what she found.