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Moyee Unveils Château Moyee Pop-Up Cafe in Amsterdam’s Jordaan Neighborhood


Today Moyee unveils our first-ever pop-up cafe in the cool Amsterdam’s Jordaan neighborhood on the popular Westerstraat (right off the Noorderkerk). Called Chateau Moyee, the café is most of all to be an accessible test lab for our new limited-edition Ethiopian roasts and our brand-new nitrogen cold brew coffee.

Located underneath the food lab SLA Amsterdam, Chateau Moyee will be open only for just 6 weeks – until the end of July. The Spartan location has been stripped down to just the essentials: a coffee bar with a single espresso machine and two nitrogen cold brew coffee taps. The wall art was created by Charlotte Köhler Prize-winning Dutch photographer Jan Hoek, who recently visited our Ethiopian coffee plantations and roaster. Hoek is currently enjoying a solo exhibition at the Stedelijk Schiedam; our café is the only other place to see his provocative images.

“Every say we’ll pour limited-edition coffees for neighborhood locals,” says Moyee founder Guido Van Staveren. “Limu, Jimma, Sidamo and Yirgacheffe. Espresso, but also filter coffee and of course nitrogen cold brew coffee.”

With its recent takeover of Le Froid, Moyee is now a serious player in the growing cold brew coffee market. At this point, Moyee is now the only brand experimenting with nitrogen cold brew.

Van Staveren: “No one knows how to drink this yet, it is entirely new. So we want to experiment with various types of milk, with honey and sugar, we’ll even play with shaved and cubed ice. Basically, people can order their cold brew any way they want – Chateau Moyee is there for us to learn.”

Chateau Moyee is Moyee’s first step into branded cafes. For six weeks you can sip limited edition coffees roasted for the occasion in Amsterdam by Moyee’s master roaster Jose. Drink in or order to-go.


For more information about Château Moyee, contact Liz Seuren at


Château Moyee

Westerstraat 70, Amsterdam

Open during office hours or whenever the lights are on.